The Best World War II Games on Steam, PC

There is no doubt that the number of games that are based on the events of the World War 2 are plenty, and that sifting through the huge list of titles in this category can be quite a daunting thing. But history and war buffs needing a gaming fix should fret no more, all you need is a Steam account and our handy little list right here and you get to see all the amazing Steam games based on WW2. We have carefully picked out the games that deliver the best gaming experiences in a variety of gameplay modes. And yes, these are more than just your generic FPS games.

Battlefield 1942

Battlefield is one of the most innovative action shooters ever made. It combines fast paced combat with tactical maneuvers while creating a sense of scale. With this game, it truly feels like you are in a massive war. Battlefield’s conquest mode gameplay encourages players to work together in order to capture points from the opposing team. There is also a large emphasis on trying out different classes or roles that will make the player more effective in different circumstances. Best of all, there are also vehicles that you can use – making the game truly feel like a simulation of a large scale conflict. Best of all, despite being an old game, Battlefield 1942 has aged well and is still plenty of fun to play.

Call of Duty

The original CoD still manages to be a fine pick for any WWII buff, and for good reason too. The game’s old-school approach to FPS combat is still one of the best –limiting players’ weapon loadout, allowing for grenades to be picked up, actually suffering from side effects from being near an explosion. These little details made the game feel both gritty and immersive, a perfect combination for a game that tried to simulate the feeling of being in a war. The best part is that the game actually plays out in three different campaigns showing the player how different (and similar) war was like from different fronts. While the franchise would later innovate and improve upon many of the standards set by this game, it is hard to deny that Call of Duty made a lasting influence on the genre.

Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30

Long before Gearbox was famous for Borderlands, they had a different kind of action shooter: Brothers in Arms. This game is more than just a World War 2 era shooter, it is also a semi-historical retelling of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment –a group of soldiers who had fallen behind enemy lines without their proper gear, but still managed to pull through and complete their mission. Obviously the game takes a few liberties (along with creating fictional stand-in characters –but were actually based on some of the real soldiers), but this is one of the best games with the “based on a true story” tag in the world war 2 shooting games, more here

Silent Hunter 3

The German U-Boats are pretty infamous for being one of the most deadliest things that the allies have faced, and for good reason too. These submarines had some of the best technology in the day, and their payload was just as devastating. Silent Hunter 3 – puts players in control of a U-Boat in one of the most intriguing games ever made. Fuel limitations, manual aiming, and other complex concerns show the players that U-Boats were not just powerful, but also required sailors who were expertly trained to perform difficult tasks. What makes this game even more exciting is the fact that the game randomly generates enemy fleet formations, so no two battles are alike and adds a greater sense of tension into the game. The best here is that there are also a few special missions, like rescuing survivors from sinking ships, which change the pace and feel from just constantly calculating torpedo stats.

World in Conflict

World in Conflict takes players one a massive campaign across various theaters. This time, you do more than control just one soldier, or plane, or tank. In this real time tactics game, you are responsible for taking charge of entire fleets. The game’s reinforcement point system heavily limits how many units you can acquire in a single stage, requiring players to make use of careful strategy and tactics to win (as opposed to the normal RTS-style win-with-sheer-numbers approach). The only thing we do want to point out is that this does not exactly follow suit with the many other WWII strategy games –, but rather a post-WWII what-if scenario where the Soviets get tired of the Cold War and actually launch an assault on US soil.

Commandos 2: Men of Courage

The tactics-style Commandos 2 is a thinking man’s game featuring a ragtag group of specialists performing difficult missions for the Allies against the German forces. This international all-star crew is composed of individuals with unique abilities and specialties, allowing you to deal with various situations. Of course, getting to know your team of spies, explosive experts, snipers, and more, is important if you will be able to utilize them to the best of their abilities (there is even a dog and a little mouse who can help you out). Missions will often put you in a combat situation, but this is certainly not a game where you come in guns blazing. Sneaking around, flanking enemies, and killing targets without raising an alarm also come into play. If you wanted good mental workout while bashing some Nazis, this is the game for you.

Return to Castle Wolfenstien

This modern remake of an old-school FPS game is as fictional a WWII-themed game can be, but it is also plenty of fun to play. Players are in control of an Allied soldier who wakes up in the dungeons of a castle full of Nazis. You manage to escape, but also learn the horrible truth that the enemy forces in the castle are making use of occult magic in order to do terrible things. You get to face off against the SS and various demonic entities using some of the best weapons of the era –and it is plenty of fun. Though even this remake has aged, it is still a glorious nostalgic game for players who grew up on the original.

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

Third in the Medal of Honor series, Allied Assault focuses on the story of an American Ranger and his missions across the European theater. While it does not add anything to the existing collection, Allied Assault is polished, fast paced, and well delivered. The narrative storyline of the single player mode is directed like a good action film, while the combat of the multiplayer mode is not only well balanced, but also very versatile. There are a lot of fan created modes for online matches and there is a small, but striving community of active players for it until this day.

Company of Heroes

This real time strategy game moves away from the gather and harvest type of resource gathering and opts for a base-expansion based form of gaining supplies. The result is an RTS title where controlling territories and creating a supply chain is critical (which is often what happens on a battlefield). With this, Company of Heroes’ tactics and strategies are quite different from those that you would see in other RTS titles like Warcraft or Command & Conquer. Another interesting concept in the game is the ability to repurpose existing structures for military use. Combat is very dynamic and thanks to the realistic way that structures can be damaged, various strategies not possible in other titles can be done here.

Combat Mission: Original Trilogy

Combat Mission is one of our favorite war simulation games for its faithfulness to realistic warfare situations. That said, if you are a World War II fan, then we suggest trying CMX’s original trilogy of Beyond Overlord, Barbossa to Berlin, and Afrika Korps –all three of which covers engagements during this massive war. The game is turn based, with both sides sending commands and instructions to units. This can range from moving to specific locations, waiting for targets, sneaking, and more. Once all commands have been sent in, all units from both side move at the same time to execute the commands given –this makes it important to strategize your plans of action and always accounting for what the enemy may decide to do.