Best World War I and II Games for Android & iOS

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Before we jump into the action, let us all remember that war is not all about shooting guns and killing folks who don’t believe in the same things you do. It is also about people forced into battles they do not want to fight, about conflicts that tear families and lives apart, and about loss –loss on a such a scale of magnitude that it is nearly incomprehensible. Valiant Hearts may have the look and art style of a children’s storybook, but it is anything but. This is a story told in the form of an interactive puzzle game. Every action you do propels the story forward, unveiling the tale of five different characters all showing what war really looks like up close. Valiant Hearts The Great War is pretty heavy material from an emotional perspective, but it is also one of the most amazing stories set in the era of the First World War one of the more rarer world war games.

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Valiant Hearts the Great War Review

War brings sadness, more than anything. With the loss, destruction, and death that is accumulated in acts of war, it is nice to see games like Valiant Hearts go against the typical trend of World War themed games to simply focus on combat. This is a game that puts you right in the biggest war that humanity has ever been in, and you never, ever, have to shoot a single bullet at someone else. The characters in game are focusing more on surviving and helping those around them than trying to kill enemies, and this creates a very humanizing element to the game that makes it hard to put down.

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