Call of Duty: World at War is an FPS Shooter Full of Action

There are plenty of ways to describe Call of Duty: World at War. It is engaging with the way that the narrative unfolds in a cinematic manner while putting you, the player into completely new locations rarely seen in FPS games set in WWII (there are plenty of missions in the Pacific and you are part of the Fall of Berlin). It is innovative, breaking away from the setting of Modern Warfare and coming back to the series’ more historic routes, and still managing to deliver a fresh experience (also, Nazi Zombies). But most importantly, this game is fun. Be it single or multiplayer mode, once you pick up this game, it will be hard to put it down.

What is Call of Duty: World at War?

World at War is an FPS game that provides the players with both single or multiplayer options. In the campaign, players can choose to play on their own or team up cooperatively with two other friends. With multiplayer, the player gets to engage allies and enemies on various game modes that emphasizes the importance of skill, teamwork, and strategy. This game marks the return of developer Treyarch to the CoD franchis. While their take on CoD3 has been met with criticism, World at War has proven to be more than their absolution, it is a masterpiece of a game. This shows in the various elements like the narrative, the visuals, or the actual gameplay.

In the campaign, players play from the perspective of three different protagonists –with the focus shifting depending on the stage. While the progression of events are chronological, the story does skip over entire weeks and months. The war is viewed from a more big-picture scale as opposed to directly trying to be familiarized with the characters on a day-to-day basis. This style of delivery works well for the game, though those hoping that the characters would be more lifelike would certainly be disappointed.

I Know that Voice!

The production value in this game is pretty impressive, and the voice acting alone shows that the developers are serious about delivering a great game. Kiefer Sutherland delivers his lines with his trade 24 gruffiness, but it manages to work well with his character. Gary Oldman, on the other hand, does an amazing pseudo-Russian persona that feels utterly convincing.

The palpable quality does not stop there, the visuals in this game are astounding. You get to see a wide variety of vistas ranging from the mostly outdoor locations of the Pacific, to the urban settings of Eastern Europe. The best part is that they look good whether it is from a long distance shot establishing the location, or when you are on foot and you get to see all the small details up close. This is particularly true with Stalingrad near the end, with all the little things that are happening while you are blasting away at the furniture crowded indoors.

Are Those Zombies?

Nazi Zombies is definitely our favourite mode in the game. For those who have managed to not know about this feature, it basically involves you (and your teammates) all trapped in a house that is being sieged by zombies at all sides. You must board up entrances and shoot down any zombies that manages to get inside. The undead will come in waves and players must carefully use their time in order to get restock supplies from within the house, repair the barricades, and unlock more rooms (to get new weapons). With more and faster zombies getting added each round, it is inevitable that players will eventually die –the big challenge lies in being able to survive the most number of waves possible.

Multiplayer Enjoyment

There is more to the multiplayer mode than slaying the undead of course! World at War’s multiplayer options in Headquarters (where teams race to gain control of a location for the ability to respawn after death), Team Deathmatch (a classic favorite), Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, and War. War is particularly fun, especially for those of you who have already played the Battlefield series of games. Though in CoD’s War, only one area can be captured at a time.

Making it all worth playing through is the game’s perks and ranks system –which awards players for playing and getting good at it. The in-combat perks are particularly fun, especially if you can manage to rake up to seven kills in a row to get some hounds tracking down your enemies and taking them down.

Can’t Miss It

One thing that Call of Duty: World at War has going against it is that it is an old game (relatively speaking that is). With so many FPs titles being released, the visuals are not all that spectacular and the gameplay is nothing new. But what CoD does is deliver a game with polish, style, and reliability. And by reliability we mean that the combat system is solid, the aiming controls are smooth, and feel of combat is always exhilarating.