Call of Duty 2 Review

It is hard to forget the original version of the PC installer of Call of Duty 2 –it came in several discs, but it was well worth it. The game was designed to run smoothly on a wide range of systems, and the gameplay was even better. You could crouch, lie down, and perform various tasks with very little practice with the game’s controls. Best of all, the AI was decent. While some were predictable (that really is how they go in single player modes), the AI managed to provide suppressing fire while trying to advance on you. This made battles more engaging and satisfying to complete.

What is COD2

As the title implies, this game is the sequel to the 2003 World War themed FPS game. As like most FPs titles, the objectives are simple: get to a point in the map while shooting all enemies and avoiding getting shot at. While simple, it certainly requires skills. Continuous damage will kill you so you have to be able to find good hiding and vantage points in order to recover your HP. Some attacks, like explosions from grenades, can kill you instantly. One little caveat of the series however, is the fact that you can turn such dangerous things to your advantage: with a single tap of a button, you can grab the grenade and throw it back at your enemies.

Multiplayer Mode

Before we jump into the game’s single player campaign, let us look into the one thing that most players really look forward to in an FPS title: the multiplayer matches. Considering the game’s World War era settings, the maps, character models, and of course, guns, are all from that period of time. The game allows you to choose between different soldiers for the Allied team (a choice of American, Soviet, or British), and for the Axis forces, players default to German (the Pacific theater is not covered in this game). Thanks to the various game modes in multiplayer, playing is hardly repetitive. This is further compounded by the fact that live human players are pretty dynamic elements. The choices of multiplayer game modes are Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Headquarters, and Search and Destroy.

Of course, the only problem with Multiplayer mode is that the community for this game has mostly been reduced over the years. This means that if you want to play this game, it is best if you sought out some of the more dedicated groups who still actively play it, or get your own friends to play with you.

Solo Campaign

The game’s single player mode will have you seeing the war from different Allied character’s perspectives. This starts out with the Soviet campaign which takes you all the way from Moscow to Stalingrad. Then you are shown the war from the British side of things as they fight across North Africa all the way to the execution of Operation Overlord at the Battle of Caen. Lastly, the game shows the American front, starting off with D-Day and all the way to the Rhine River.

The solo missions are pretty eventful and will keep you entertained throughout the campaign. The best part is that this is a great way to learn and get used to the game’s control system before jumping into multiplayer matches.

Aged Decently Well

Visually, it is hard to say that Call of Duty 2’s graphics are still impressive –not by today’s standards anyway. But when the game did come out, it was pretty incredible to look at. The textures, lighting, and even some of the models were very well detailed. But where the game really stood out was the animation. While the frame rate was not as high back then, it was still pretty smooth, and there was plenty of movement onscreen that made everything look so much more lifelike. The audio is considerably less impressive. Much of the music is forgettable and the sound effects are pretty standard. But at least they are pleasing to the ears.

Learn to Shoot Faster

Call of Duty 2 is a pretty good game overall –considering that it was following a major hit and it still managed to be successful on a lot of fronts. The best part is that CoD2 also contributed to the growth of the series; it added a lot of nice elements that are still present in the more modern releases of the franchise. It is easy to see that Call of Duty 2 is an old game with its share of problems, but more than that, the solid gameplay and delivery makes it a good title to have. World War 2 purists will enjoy the game’s various stages that takes you all across Europe, which back then, was a pretty ambitious approach compared to other old titles that had very limited scope.